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Volodymyr Ovsiichuk Art Collection

The National University of Ostroh Academy houses and exhibits a collection of paintings by the famous scientist, art historian, and artist Volodymyr Ovsiichuk. In the scientific world, he is known primarily as a scientist, teacher, and art theorist. Very little is known about his work as an artist because Volodymyr Antonovych did not advertise his passion for painting. Ovsiichuk personally donated a collection of 77 of his own paintings to the National University of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in 2015. With the appearance of the collection at the university, his work became known to the general public. The online gallery of V. Ovsiichuk’s works allows the general public to get acquainted with his work as a painter and master of color for the first time.

The gallery was prepared within the framework of the project Digitalization of Art Collections of the Museum of History of the National University of Ostroh Academy
with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.