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Sculptures of Petro Kapschutschenko

One of the most valuable art collections of the NaUOA museum is a collection of sculptures by the outstanding Ukrainian artist Petro Kapschutschenko. The sculptor’s works in the collection appeared thanks to patrons, true Ukrainian patriots, who, like P. Kapschutschenko at one time, found themselves outside Ukraine.

P. Kapschutschenko near the model of the monument to V. Lypkivsky

Petro Kapschutschenko’s work is scattered all over the world. In addition to collections in various museums, his friends and their families have his sculptures in private collections. Petro Kapshuchenko generously parted with his works. He donated his sculptures to friends, Ukrainian educational, cultural institutions, etc.

He has repeatedly admitted that the most important thing for him is that his works live among the people.

Now, after the transfer of the sculptures to NaUOA by Bronyslava Skorupska and the couple Oleksandr and Raisa Mykhailiuk, his works live in Ukraine.

Bronyslava Skorupska
Oleksandr and Raisa Mykhailiuk