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The Encounter, 2004

bronze, granite, 38.1 х 33.02 х 12.7 cm

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In “Encounter”, the author fulfils the idea of the intersection of two worlds – the real and the spiritual:

 a locked circle divided into two spaces, symbolising different realities and two figures united by a gesture of outstretched hands, symbolising “meeting one’s higher Self beyond the boundary between two realities.” The work can also be interpreted religiously – a meeting with a guardian angel, contact with another world, harmony with one’s state of mind. The shape of the circle and the outstretched hands that unite the two figures symbolise peace, unity, and integrity. 

Interestingly, Mirtala’s sculptures adorn temples, churches, and synagogues. For example, the artwork “Encounter” is installed in the Unity Church (Sedona, Arizona).