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The underground art gallery

The most dynamic exposition subdivision of the museum is an underground art gallery. During its existence (since October 2009), it has become an integral part of the artistic life of the university. The location of the gallery in the old rooms – the basements of the Capuchin monastery of the XVIII century. – gives its exhibition halls an especial atmosphere that attracts many visitors.

Monastic undergrounds once served as economic cellars. During the Soviet period, the premises were used only partially and were abandoned. After the revival of the Ostroh Academy, undergrounds were restored as well. The room fully meets the requirements of the exhibition hall, and the texture and colour of the brick walls create an especial visual effect and a sense of space.

Art events take place in the gallery almost every month.

The exhibitions that have already taken place in the gallery were very diverse – works of art made in different techniques: painting, graphics, watercolours, sculptures, art glass, art textiles, historical reconstructions of clothing and everyday life and more. For the organization of exhibitions, the NaUOA Museum has established active cooperation with regional unions of artists of Ukraine, individual artists and collectors, museums and galleries of Ukraine. Also, the gallery regularly hosts meetings with artists, open lectures, presentations, poetry evenings and more.