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Aspiration, 1978

bronze, granite, 38.1 х 35.6 х 20.3 cm

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In “Aspiration”, the author uses a spiral shape to reflect the “inescapable pull towards the Source…”. Mirtala was fascinated by the theories and meditative practices of her husband, the famous inventor and esotericist Itskhak Bentov, based on the comprehension of the universe’s energy. In his books, he promoted a new view of human consciousness and its limitless possibilities. That is why the theme of cosmic energy as a spiritual source of man often appears in Mirtala’s works of the 70s and 80s. The female artist points out, “I feel that the energy of thought, emotional energy, everything that fills me when making a sculpture somehow becomes encoded in this piece of matter. And when I’m not around, and this sculpture is exhibited somewhere, it seems to store my energy, and the sculpture seems to exude it.”

The inescapable pull towards the Source…