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Metropolis, 1972

bronze, granite, 45.72 х 45.72 х 20.3

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Urbanisation processes of the second half of the 20th century actively influenced artists’ works. The growth of megacities changes the consciousness and behaviour of people. Artists transfer the problems related to urbanisation to the artistic space. In this connection, urbanism is born as a separate direction in art depicting the life of big cities. Mirtala did not stand aside from these processes. In her work, “Metropolis”, she successfully reproduced the problems of urbanisation, isolation of people, and changes in their living conditions. Appealing to the shape of beehives, the sculptor showed one of the critical problems of human life in the metropolis – loneliness, restraint, indifference. Stylised human figures, each locked in its own cell, vividly illustrate how the city changes the psychological state of a person.