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Bridging the Chasm, 1983

bronze, granite, 27.9 х 25.4 х 10.16 cm

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The sculpture “Bridging the Chasm” is very optimistic – two schematic figures standing on opposite sides of the chasm, united by outstretched arms. It can symbolise the union of two people and nations, the kinship of souls and overcoming difficulties. The abyss that is the centre of the composition does not create a sense of hopelessness, separation or alienation. The laconic figures, with their hands closed over the abyss, unite and “stitch” the torn space, balancing and harmonising the work.

It is noteworthy that this sculpture became a symbol of an important international event – the first Forum of Ukrainian and Israeli Public Figures held in September 1992 in Israel. “Mirtala’s sculpture “Bridge over an Abyss” is a feat of art, as well as a timeless emblem of two peoples joining their hands to build a better future,” says the famous linguist and cultural researcher, professor of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Wolf Moskovych.