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Into Manifestation, 2009

bronze, granite, 30.5 х 35.6 х 15.2 cm

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In her works, Mirtala often resorts to the spiral symbol, which she interprets in “Path to Self” as cosmic life energy, motion, evolution, progression from multiplicity to oneness, “it’s centre – the gateway from the material into the beyond.” The idea of self-absorption is in tune with Eastern philosophy, which addresses the question of the relationship between the spiritual and the physical, the essence of which is the continuous self-improvement of the soul and body through self-absorption into one’s inner world, which is realised through direct vision and experience. Obviously, these ideas were not alien to Mirtala. The author herself points out: “Going deep into myself, as in “Path to Self” sculpture, I feel a connection with the deep essence of each person, and then art becomes a direct dialogue, spiritual communication”.