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Two Offerings, 1978

bronze, granite, 33.02 х 38.1 х 22.87 cm

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The helix as a symbol of the universe, the sacrificial fire, and two figures, one facing the sky and the other humbly bowing his head, are compositionally combined in the work “Two Offerings”. Mirtala succinctly conveys the problem of human choice and acceptance of one’s life, emphasising two attitudes: “Give me!” and “Thy will be done”. It is complicated to depict existential themes visually. Yet, artists of the 20th century often used the technique of expressing specific complex philosophical themes in the language of symbols. Mirtala draws attention to the problem of a person’s different perception of the sense of his or her life, the search for his or her place and role in a dynamic reality, and the perception of what is happening to a person. The figures on the sculpture symbolise different psychological states of a person: humble acceptance (a figure with a bowed head) and expectation of help, a desire to change reality by appealing to higher powers (perhaps in prayer, request, or demand).