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The buildings of the current Ostroh Academy have their own fascinating history. When in 1576 Prince V.-K. Ostroh founded the academy, he directed to place it near the castle. Most likely the 16th-century buildings were wooden (as, probably, all town buildings). Thus, after the Academy was closed, the buildings haven`t survived over time.

The history of modern academy premises began in the 18th century. The oldest part of the buildings (the temple and the old monastery building) was originally the monastery of the Catholic Order of Friars Minor Capuchins. With the change of the town authorities and the transition of Ostroh to various state formations, the buildings were completed, and their function changed. From 1865 to 1923, they housed a Women Count D. Bludov Specialised School, later – a teachers` seminary, a teacher training college and schools of various profiles. The buildings of the current university campus appeared in different periods.

The university classrooms and departments and the central part of the museum`s expositions are located in centuries-old buildings.